Ecotourism Ria Formosa

Experience Ria Formosa Natural Park nature

Ria Formosa Ecotourism

Experience Ria Formosa nature

Find the perfect place for Algarve's nature tourism at the Ria Formosa Natural Park. All aboard a catamaran to live an unique experience with a professional guide to lead you through this beauty of nature, where you can discover all the best the region offers to locals visitors.

Live an Algarve's ecotourism experience, through Ria Formosa canals and explore local biodiversity, traditional activities, Faro's history and the well known birdwatching. Don't miss the opportunity to stop at Desert Island to enjoy the beach, the sun, or take a walk in the southest point of Portugal and taste the freshest fish and seafood at Estaminé Restaurant

ria formosa ecotourism


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Algarve's nature tourism scenery

Featuring the sea, the sun and beaches, Ria Formosa offers an outstanding landscape to enjoy your Algarve's ecotourism tour. Travel through Ria Formosa Natural Park canals aboard a catamaran boat, while observe dunes shaped by the wind, the green and brown colours from the land mixing the blue ocean, or take a walk in the 11Km of Desert Island with it's white sand beach. Spend an amazing day meeting the beauties that nature has to offer us.


Ria Formosa shelter hundreds of species

Algarve's nature lovers have the opportunity to find out here one of the most sensational wildlife shows. At the Portugal's southest point, take the chance to closely observe Ria Formosa biodiversity, well known as a birdwatching setting, where you can find flamingos, spoonbills, little egrets, white storks or Sultana bird which is the Natural Park symbol. Discover also other species, like the lovely chameleon or other sea creatures like fishes, shellfish or the incredible seahorses

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