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Ria Formosa Boat Tours at your own pace and with no limits

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What is the Ria Formosa Hop On Hop Off experience?

Present in the greatest worldwide capitals, the Hop On Hop Off system is finally present in the Algarve with a leading-edge proposal. Nowadays it’s possible to explore Ria Formosa Natural Park, the most natural beauty of the region, aboard boats that are regularly circulating through the main areas, so you have total freedom to explore.


Buy an Hop On Hop Off Islands ticket and benefit from a circular circuit which stops in several islands; embark and disembark as many times as you wish for a 24h period during your tour. Get abord our boat tours and discover Ria Formosa Natural Park freely with no timetable and at your own pace.



Explore Ria Formosa at your own pace and with no limits.

Hop On Hop Off tickets are the beginning of an adventure in the Algarve's most natural beauty.

The advantages of choosing Hop On Hop Off

Live Ria Formosa Natural Park

No timetable

Feel free to visit Ria Formosa Natural Park at or own pace and with no limits, you can opt for a quick round trip of 1h15min or make the most with your 24h ticket.

24h Ticket

From the moment you buy an Hop On Hop Off ticket, an incredible 24h adventure begins, so you are free to explore and enjoy all the beauty the Natural Park has to offer.

Trips with no limits

The Hop On Hop Off circular route through the Ria Formosa main islands, grant you with many trips as you wish. All you have to do is to wait for the next boat.

Explore the Islands

Experience the main islands through our Ria Formosa boat tours: Deserta, Farol and Culatra. Enjoy the beaches and sun, observe the wildlife or take the chance for a walking tour.

No queues to wait

Hop On Hop Off is a non-stop adventure! Use the yellow racket that comes with your 24h ticket to sinalize your presence at the islands and loose no time waiting in queues.

Guided Tour

Our Ria Formosa boat tours always have present a guide aboard ready to help you having fun and enjoying the most of your experience at the Ria Formosa Natural Park.


24h tickets to explore and discover Ria Formosa at your own pace

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Explore Ria Formosa Natural Park at your own pace

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